Crystal Creation Workshop




Have you ever wanted to create a sacred medicine object that is truly unique to you? . . . One that reflects your sacred essence, your wisdom, and the gifts you are here to offer the world.

Perhaps you’ve been imagining a headpiece that you can wear to remind you of your vision.
Or a shamanic medicine staff that helps you to anchor into your unique soul calling.
Or you love to working with smudge and would love to create a feather wand that would be a part of your sacred practice.
Or maybe you would love to wear a crystal necklace that supports you throughout your day to day life.

During this one day workshop where you will be guided to work with the crystals and stones to create a sacred object of your choice: shaman staff, feather wand, headpiece, or necklace.

This workshop will be filled with magic and rich shamanic and creative experiences as you . . .

  • Are guided to set an empowering intention for your sacred creation.
  • Take a shamanic journey to connect with the essence of your crystal creation.
  • Create you own Crystal Talisman. You may choose to create a Shaman Staff, a Feather Wand, Necklace, or a Headpiece (please message Lori with your creation choice 5-days before class as this will affect the type of materials she brings).
  • Receive a message from your sacred creation.
  • Step into a ceremony to activate your crystal creation.

This one day workshop is an opportunity to step into the magic of the crystalline realms and create a sacred object that will bring that magic into your everyday life.

Please Note . . .

Lori will provide basic supplies including: brass wire, leather lacing, cedar branches for staffs or feather wands, crystals and stones in the form of beads materials for stringing and brass wire for wrapping, an assortment of feathers and other brass charms. There will absolutely be enough materials for each person to create an AMAZING piece. 

But, as with all crystal creation classes, if there is something specific you feel called to include in your creation (a specific feather, crystal, type of wood, medallion, piece of leather or other fabric, etc) BRING IT! You will be creating a talisman, a sacred object to empower you and your path. Often we have already gathered elements that want to be a part of such talisman, so bring it along.

Don’t feel like you’re creative? Don’t worry a bit. Lori will support you with all of the technical stuff. All you have to do is show up with a willingness to play.

Next Class:

Saturday, July 21st
10am – 5pm

In-person in Appleton, WI.
In the office space of Midwest Medium Loriann
Downtown Appleton, 103 College Avenue (the Zuelke Building).
On the 6th floor, Suite 606.


About Lori A Andrus

Lori in Pisac - PeruLori A Andrus is a crystal shaman and soulful traveler who empowers heart-centered individuals to create vibrant, joy-filled and deeply rooted life by working with crystals and ancient shamanic practices for healing and transformation.

Through her creative and inspiring online programs, Lori weaves the transformational practices of ceremony, shamanic journeying, divination, and sacred creation to bridges the spiritual and physical worlds and awaken individuals to their true inner brilliance.

Lori is the Crystal Shaman School and the host of the Crystal Shaman Life Podcast where she shares practical ways to bring crystal wisdom and shamanism into your everyday life.

Lori holds a Bachelors of Science Degree in Psychology and a Masters Degree in Occupational Therapy.  She is a Graduate of The Four Winds Healing the Light Body School, a Reiki Master/Teacher, and a crystal healer.  Lori’s jewelry designs have been featured in Spirituality & Health magazine, selected as Best of Show at the International New Age Trade Show, and her creations are worn by women and men throughout the world as they move through their transformational journey.

Lori has traveled extensively throughout Peru to study with the high mountain shamans learning practices for ceremony, activating sacred landscapes, and working with the spirit of the land. She is inspired by sacred landscapes and frequently embarks on personal pilgrimages to sacred sites throughout the United States and the world.


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